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Retractable Fabric Awnings Manufacturing and Installer in New York City, New Jersey

Retractable Awnings in NYC are one of the most important sign options for businesses, as well as other companies around the East Coast. Not only are these areas prone to some crazy weather – they are also highly competitive areas, and that means that you have to find a way to get your business noticed.


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An awning  is a secondary covering attached to the exterior wall of a building. It is typically composed of canvas cotton or polyester yarn,

or vinyl laminated to polyester fabric that is stretched tightly over a light structure of aluminum. Awnings are also often constructed of aluminumunderstucture with aluminium sheeting. These aluminium awnings are often used when a fabric awning is not a practical application where snow load as well as wind loads may be a factor.

The location of an awning on a building may be above a window , doors or above the area along a sidewalks With the addition of colmuns 

an awning becomes a conopy, which is able to extend further from a building, as in the case of an entrance to a hotel, restaurant, often use awnings broad

enough to cover substantial outdoor area for outdoor dining, parties, or reception. In commercial buildings, an awning is often painted with information as to the name, business and address, thus acting as a signs as well as providing shade, breaking strong wind, and protecting from rain or snow.

In areas with wintry weather, most awnings do not have to be taken down at the end of the summer – they can remain retracted against the building all winter long, or be designed and built for those conditions.



Retractable awnings let owners control the weather on their own terms. When passing showers threaten, or when the sun gets hot, they or the home automation system unroll the awning for near-instant protection and shade. Lab test measurements show that it can be as much as 20 degrees cooler under an awning’s canopy. Because awnings prevent the sun from shining through windows and sliding glass doors, they can keep temperatures inside cooler as well,

which saves on air-conditioning costs. They can help prevent carpets and furniture from fading in sunlight. Awnings also provide a sheltered place for children and pets to play, shielded from direct sun.

Some of today’s awnings also offer accessories that can greatly increase the versatility and usefulness owners get from their decks or patos. A screen room add-on can easily turn an awning into a virtually bug-free outdoor room, side screening cuts down on wind and mist coming under the sides of awnings, and patio lights let people enjoy their decks evenings and nights.


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